Prince William & Kate Middleton presenting their Baby Boy on July 23, 2013. (x)


The pure joy on Kate’s face melts me.


The pure joy on Kate’s face melts me.

William drives his family home.

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As the world’s media awaited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the newest heir to the throne yesterday, many were hoping for a glimpse of imperfection from the ever polished Catherine. I, for one, was shocked to see her step out in a dress that did nothing to…

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For the ignorant dregs of society who keep putting comments on here about our royal family being ‘parasites’ and ‘leeches’ - get your facts right. The Queen voluntarily pays tax on her private income, she’s only partly funded out of the public purse, and so she should be as our head of state. She is still working hard aged over 80, which is a lot more than the total losers sitting on their backsides all day claiming benefits - they are the real parasites. If you don’t like our royal family, go and live somewhere else and quit being jealous and spiteful over a very happy event which is part of our heritage.

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About time I hear complete sense

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Kate, William and their baby left Kensington Palace today as they were seen for the first time since leaving hospital last night.

The proud grandfather, Prince Charles, after having visited his son, daughter-in-law and newborn little grandchild at St. Mary’s Hospital.