The names, according to their spokesman, were the ones the couple wanted. They’ve told their families.


Ok last post about the royal baby I swear but I just had to put this all together because I think its so cool. In honor of the new little heir I put together Baby pictures of all his direct ancestors all the way back to his 5 times great grandmother Queen Victoria.

In order from top to bottom:

1. Queen Victoria born May 24, 1819

2. King Edward VII born Nov. 9, 1841

3. King George V born June 3, 1865

4. King George VI born Dec. 14, 1895

5. Queen Elizabeth II born April 21, 1926

6. Prince Charles born Nov. 14, 1948

7. Prince William born June 21, 1982

8. Prince Cambridge born July 22, 2013 

"George is old-fashioned"


Did you forget who his family is?


Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. Named after King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary and Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma.





ugh I’m so upset its George!!! Why couldn’t it be Alexander George Louis?!?

In my opinion, that doesn’t flow as well as George Alexander Louis does.

He doesn’t seem like a George.  Maybe because it’s a very old-fashioned name?  Though it pretty much was guaranteed to be George. Maybe they’ll call him Alexander in the family?

"he doesn’t seem like a george"

he’s a baby….

that you’ve never met….


Baby Cambridge will be the future KING GEORGE VII. Tribute to Queen’s father George VI & grandfather George V (founder of House of Windsor)
- @BritishRoyals (via theduchesscatherine)
It’s Cousins Day! I’d like to send a shout-out to my cousin, Kate Middleton, and my baby cousin George! Hi from America!

It’s official! The royal baby is named George Alexander Louis.


It’s official! The royal baby is named George Alexander Louis.