Prince Philip surprising a reporter. (x)

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"you know when you’re in her (queen elizabeth ii) bad books. i’ve seen the way the corgis get told off when they’re in trouble."

happy 32nd birthday to the always cheeky, duke of cambridge 
“My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring.”


Will and Kate are honestly the cutest


The King first day at work.


Queen Maxima attended the international conference Innovation in surveillance, monitoring and ACM (Autoriteit Consument & Markt) in Den Haag.


"[To homeless youth] Don’t ever let people put you down because a prince looks up to you."

Happy 32nd Birthday, Prince William ♥


Princess Diana in 1997 (photos taken by Lord Snowdon)


The Queen and Prince Consort conclude their summer cruise today, the cruise started on the 18th of this month on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog.

The annual summer cruises aboard the Royal Yacht is apart of a long tradition which dates back to Christian X, who was the first king to make annual trips on Danish waters a regular part of his yearly duties.

Voyage of the current royal yacht, which was commissioned in May 1932, has for 80 years been a permanent part of the royal family’s activities during the summer. The only interruption was the five years during the German occupation of 1940-45, when the ship was laid up in the harbor.

Source: Kongehuset